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Colleen Mallette identifies this common phrase as one we should be saying to God.

How often have you heard that phrase, or even said it yourself?! When our daughter was competing in gymnastics we heard her and her teammates use that phrase a lot. My husband didn’t like it, maybe because it is overused, or maybe because it sounds like the competitor doesn’t have the confidence to accomplish their feat and he knew our daughter did.

“You Got This” gives support and encouragement to others. If I were the one competing I think I would appreciate hearing it from those watching. Especially if it were a new task I was attempting to tackle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear a voice coming down from heaven saying “You Got This, ______ (fill in your name)!” There are so many times in life when we are uncertain of what we are doing or whether we should even be doing them. When we start a new job, become a new parent, or take on a new ministry for the church we always have those lingering doubts in the back of our minds whether we are qualified to handle them.

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There are often signs from God that we are pursuing the right path and that He has equipped us to handle it, even if we don’t hear those exact words spoken from above. Like when an observer or mentor compliments us afterward, when you pulled off the task without a hitch, when all the pieces fall into place smoothly, those are all signs that you are following God’s will.

However, many times our actions are like saying to God, “Don’t worry God, I’ve got this! I have full confidence in myself that I can handle this and I won’t be needing Your help today.” This independent, self-reliant attitude is good to a point, but when we turn away God’s help due to over-confident pride, it becomes a sin. It can lead to failure when we attempt things on our own without asking God for direction or confirmation we should even be doing it. And it can even lead to missed opportunities to have greater success had we allowed God to assist us ahead of time.


Ask God for direction one extra time each day, or surrender your plans in trust that “God has this.” #catholicmom

We all can afford to get more in the habit of saying to God, “You got this!” with full surrender and trust that He in fact knows the best way to get through each situation for us if we let Him. If saying it to others gives them confidence, what would it hurt to stop each day and tell God you are trusting Him with your day to boost your self-confidence.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything. We may still need to act on His behalf or move forward in whatever way we discern He is encouraging us. For instance, we may need to confront someone, or we may even need to be silent when we thought we should speak up.

With Lent around the corner, we may want to consider having this be a Lenten Resolution. Ask God for direction one extra time each day, or surrender your plans in trust that “God has this.”

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