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To listen to this week's podcast, simply hit "play" above, or subscribe in iTunes! This week we have a great conversation with Dr. Kerry Cronin, the Boston College professor whose "dating project" was the inspiration for the recent movie The Dating Project.  This documentary takes a look at the recent trend on college campuses (and beyond) for young people to avoid traditional dating and engage in unhealthy "hook up" culture instead. Dr. Cronin shares her thoughts about why dating important, and how we as parents and educators can inspire future generations to make healthy connections with the opposite sex. We love to hear from you with feedback, questions & ideas for future podcast topics. Email us at editor@catholicmom.com or send us a voicemail or connect on social media! Enter our new Facebook contest this week & be entered to win a copy of the Catholic Mom Prayer Companion. Thanks for listening! Check out all of our episodes at CatholicMom.com

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