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On the newest Catholic Momcast, Danielle Bean and Allison Gingras discuss ways to make daily prayer a habit.

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Allison Gingras and Danielle Bean take on the topic of making prayer a daily habit. Do you struggle with this? What can help us establish good prayer habits and stick with them?

Finding time for personal prayer can be challenging for a busy mom. How can we set ourselves up for success, and what tools help to make daily prayer a reality?

Danielle recommends some books she has been enjoying recently: The Better Part by Fr. John Bartunek and many books from Fr. Jacques Philippe. Allison shares about ways she likes to use the Hallow app as a support for daily prayer.

How about you? How has your personal prayer life changed over the years, or since becoming a mom? what challenges do you face when trying to make prayer a daily habit?

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Join Danielle Bean and Allison Gingras for a conversation about ways to make daily prayer a habit. #catholicmom


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