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In this week's Catholic Momcast, Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean discuss ideas for ways to make fitness part of your daily routines.

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Join Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean for a discussion of how moms can make room for fitness in their everyday lives. Lisa shares ways that even very normal activities, like cleaning, waking, or caring for small children can "count" as daily exercise. The important thing is to keep moving!

Some tools we mention:

Silver Sneakers

Peloton app

How about you? How do you make room for physical fitness in your life? How do you find time and motivation to keep moving? we would love to hear from you! Send us an email with  your ideas, feedback, and questions: editor@catholicmom.com

We love to hear from you with feedback, questions & ideas for future podcast topics. Email us at editor@catholicmom.com or send us a voicemail or connect on social media.

In the newest Catholic Momcast, Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean share everyday ideas for ways moms can make fitness a priority. #catholicmom


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