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In this week's podcast, Danielle Bean and Lisa Hendey discuss ways to stay connected to your parish community.

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This week, Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean talk about ways that parish communities can stay connected with one another, even when many people are attending Mass online. 

Lisa shares about how her parish is currently closed, but she still participates in a women's group on Zoom. Online connections have their limitations, but they have advantages as well -- like being able to attend events from your own home.

One idea they discussed was the importance of reaching out to older people who might be part of your parish community and may not have the experience or skills needed to connect via Zoom. Are there ways you can support their connection? Or could you and your kids write notes or make cards to send them through the mail?

Danielle shares how one family delivered cinnamon rolls to her house during the shutdown and that it was a very kind and thoughtful gesture that meant a lot. What could you do to connect to others in meaningful ways? Sometimes just a phone call can make a big difference in how someone feels connected to your community. Let others know you are thinking of them! It can be a great example to set for your children as well.

At the start of today's show we talk about the book True Devotion to Mary.

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In the newest Catholic Momcast, Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean discuss ways to stay connected to your parish community, even during a shutdown. #catholicmom


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