Today's Gospel: Mark 1:29-39 So much about this Gospel passage distracts. Sick people, demoniacs, "the whole town" gathered at Simon and Andrew's door expecting to be healed. What strikes me most amidst the clamoring masses and Jesus's desire to remain unknown, unnamed by the demons, is His resolute purpose. "For this purpose have I come." Rather than being distracted by a multitude of sick and possessed people or apostles disturbing His prayer and solitude, He centers Himself through prayer and goes about the business for which He is meant. "For this purpose have I come." Without distraction, He went forth throughout Galilee "preaching and driving out demons." Would that we were so centered on the will of Our Heavenly Father, our purpose clear, our actions resolute.


What concrete actions can I take today to better discern God's will and to act with purpose to fulfill His call?


God, help me to hear Your call and to act purposefully in accomplishing Your will in my life.
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