Today's Gospel: Luke 2:22-40 or 2:22-32 - Feast of the Presentation of the Lord A few months after enduring a miscarriage, my husband and I conceived again. It was terrifying. I struggled daily to trust in God’s care and not collapse under the weight of the fear that we might lose another child. Finally, while praying in the silence of our church one day, I knew what I had to do. I walked up to our statue of Mary, lit a candle beneath her, and presented the child in my womb to her. I gave our little one completely over to her care, knowing that, in turn, she would petition her Son to answer our prayers for a healthy baby. We did have our baby, but a severe heart defect led to a few hospital stays and open heart surgery. While her heart defect was an unexpected challenge, we were amazed at the blessings it inspired. Prayers, donations, meals, and our own family’s strengthened bond of love and support -within our darkest moments, our baby Zelie still managed to be a beacon of light. And I attribute all of it to the moment I presented her to Jesus through Mary.


How have your children’s challenges provided unexpected light in your life?


Mother Mary, please help me to present my children to God as you did, releasing my fears and anxieties for them into your care.
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