Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:7-15 Today is the feast day of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux. As I read today’s Gospel, I’m tempted to feel a bit discouraged. Jesus is instructing His apostles to go out into the world, proclaiming the Gospel, curing the sick, raising the dead, and doing all sorts of other miraculous things without a care about money or extra clothes. Most days, I’m just grateful that I manage to navigate a trip to the grocery store with an infant and pre-schooler in tow so that I can attempt to provide a meal for my own family! And you can bet that I bring some money, changes of clothes, sippy cups, and snacks along. But the Martin family reminds us that the love we extend to the rest of the world begins within the nucleus of our immediate family. Zelie Martin spent hours upon hours caring for her babies, telling saint stories to her toddlers, and gently disciplining her pre-schoolers. Louis Martin earned an honest living for his family, made sure they all attended Mass regularly, and was an example of boundless generosity and charity. The Martins gave without cost within the parameters of their state in life and left a legacy of saints, the most famous of which has showered the world with innumerable miraculous roses.


How do you proclaim the Gospel in your own home? What is one action you can take today to be a better example of the Gospel for your family?


Dear Jesus, sometimes I think I can only do great things for You through huge, far-reaching events or missionary work. Help me to see that my mission is my home - and that even something as small as teaching my toddler the Sign of the Cross could be the first step to forming a great saint.
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