Today's Gospel: Mark 8:11-13 Without getting up from my knees, I moved myself from the pew, to the center aisle. I wanted a closer look at Jesus. To be more specific, I wanted Him to see me. I wanted Him to see my tears, and the absolute anguish of His beloved’s...this heart-broken mother’s... heart. And then, I wanted a sign. I had heard of a story. A story about someone who saw shooting colored lights coming from the monstrance during Adoration. The claim is that this vision saved his life. And so I was hoping that maybe, I too could be shown some colored lights. That maybe, I too could be saved. And so I focused hard, and I begged out loud, please Lord, show me a sign, show me something that will bring me peace. Do something that will help me to believe that everything will be okay. I never saw any lights. But as I made my way to the altar to bow down before going home, the statue of Our Blessed Mother, standing on the left side corner, caught my eye. The one where she is looking so loving, so beautiful, holding her sweet baby Jesus up against her heart. And then, as I lifted my head back up, I found myself not only in front of the true presence of my Savior, but also, standing beneath the crucifix, where He hung. Jesus in His gentle mother’s arms, Jesus, crucified on the cross, Jesus, risen from the dead, gazing back at me. “And with a sigh that came straight from the heart he said, 'Why does this generation demand a sign?'” (mark 8:12) And with a sigh that came straight from my own heart, I realized, there was no need to search for shooting lights, for the light of the world was already there.


Loving Father, I ask for Your forgiveness for the times I put Your love to the test and I thank You for Your merciful heart, and for the lights that surround me daily, despite my inability to open my eyes and see. Amen.


Are there times when you hurt the heart of Christ, acting like the Pharisees, who resist God’s grace, who constantly demand another sign?
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