Today's Gospel: Mark 8:11-13 He sighed from the depth of his spirit... Mark 8:12 "Are you kidding me?" I asked my boys, after discovering them playing screens, despite homework not done and beds not made. "How many times have I said homework and chores before screens?" "Oh..." they said, looking up with guilty faces. "We forgot." "Really?" I sighed. "You're really going to say you forgot when it's been the same deal for years?" Suddenly weary from it all, I turned and left the room. I swore I'd never be that mother who repeats herself. Yet it seems I'm doomed to the skipping-record of repetition. Every time I think my kids have ingested a rule or overcome a bad habit, they backslide, and the reteaching has to begin all over again. It's exhausting. But when I read Mark 8:11-13, I know Jesus feels my pain. He just expelled a demon from a child, healed a deaf man, and fed four thousand people with just seven loaves of bread and a few fish. Yet the Pharisees step forward, argue with Him, and demand a sign from heaven. I can hear Jesus thinking the same thought I'd just expressed to my boys: "Are you kidding me? How many signs do I have to perform for you to believe?" My sigh was just an echo of His that came from the depth of His spirit. If He could go on to repeat what He came to say, teach and do, so will I.


What is my reaction when I have to repeat and repeat the same lessons to my children? Does it help my frustration level when I realize Jesus had to do the same thing with grown adults?


God, give me the endurance and patience I need to repeat the lessons my children need to learn to become the people You are calling them to be.
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