Today's Gospel: Luke 9:22-25 When I read this passage I immediately think of the death and crucifixion Jesus had to endure so He could rise from the dead, while simultaneously giving us a path to heaven and forgiveness for our sins. This passage is about death and life. One is consistent with the other. Jesus wants us to follow Him, but we all know it isn't easy being a follower of Jesus. It means we don't focus on ourselves and our needs alone. We are all prone to self-preservation but let's face it, if this is our only focus, we end up with disappointment in the end. As an example of this, I having been working this past year on a book. I submitted it to a publisher and was advised they couldn't use it. This is a common occurrence for writers, but admittedly it was disappointing. I had to examine my motive for this sense of disappointment I felt. Was it pride? In our world we tend to think of getting ahead is the way to better our circumstances. We take pride in our successes. Jesus wants us to offer our lives for the benefit of others, being compassionate, understanding, fair and just - this is our path to success. "What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?"


How can I see success in other areas of my life that are not things but rather done from the heart?


During Lent I ask You, Jesus, to remind me of what You had to endure so I can be with You in Heaven. I'm so grateful for Your sacrifice; I hope to earn my place at the foot of Your heavenly cross by being an example of love for all Your children.
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