Today's Gospel: Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24A - Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary As a boisterous and gregarious person by nature, I’ve only recently appreciated the profound humility that St. Joseph exhibited. A simple carpenter, his mind wasn’t accustomed to writing complicated philosophical treatises or speaking ad infinitum about theological doctrine. No, his faith was simple but extraordinary, in the sense that his entire being was drawn to obedience. It was by way of humility that St. Joseph shared in Our Lady’s mission by way of his own Fiat, his yes to God’s will. Consider the scandal he could have exposed, yet he truly loved Mary and didn’t want her to be riddled with shame, or worse, to die by way of stoning (which was his legal right to demand). Instead, he never spoke about his intention for divorce, because he wanted it to be swift and uneventful, much like how most of St. Joseph’s life unfolded – hidden, invisible, in the background. Sometimes I feel like I am invisible, too. A lot of the daily work in the home, with my children, and making endless phone calls or running errands seems like nothing more than drudgery. What might bear spiritual fruit in these mundane moments each day? I can look to St. Joseph’s example of serene submission to God, based on unwavering trust and a firm foundation of humility.


Do I expect accolades in the work I am called to do, or am I content to be hidden in the heart of Jesus?


St. Joseph, I am often overwhelmed by the thankless jobs of my daily life. Teach me humble submission to God’s will by loving my family every day.
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