Today's Gospel: John 13:21-33, 36-38 This passage from St. John’s gospel account of the Last Supper is so familiar to us that we might miss some of the details provided by the disciple whom Jesus loved. This narrative begins with Jesus declaring that one of His Apostles would betray him. At this, Peter silently signals John to find out who it is. John, in a gesture that I have come to see as sweet and innocent, lays His head on Jesus’ chest – close to His Sacred Heart – and asks Jesus who would do such a thing. Usually, I focus on John here, but for some reason, when I read this most recently, I focused on Peter. Something seemed…off. I put it aside as I continued to read. Judas is revealed to John as the betrayer, and when he leaves, the rest of the Apostles figure he’s just running an errand for the Lord. And then Jesus tells His friends that He is going to go where they cannot follow. Peter finds his voice (and I start to figure out what bothered me before) and announces that he would follow his Master anywhere. “I would lay down my life for You!” Peter exclaims. Oh, Peter! My favorite saint! “You will deny Me three times before the cock crows, Peter.” And Peter is crushed, not really believing it yet. But just before this, Peter didn’t even have the courage to ask Jesus the question that plagued him: who would betray the Master? Aren’t I just like Peter, though? So willing to declare my love for God until things get dicey, or it’s uncomfortable to trust in Him. Then I, too, am more than willing to put Him aside for the world and all its distractions. I’m just as willing to deny Him by my actions.


Do you trust in God? Can you go to Him with the questions that burn in your heart, and are you willing to trust in His answers to them?


Lord, help me to live my life and act in a way that never denies You. Provide me with the graces to be known as Your disciple. Help me to put all of my trust in You.
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