Today's Gospel: Luke 24:13-35 Every time I read this Gospel my mind wonders, “How did they not recognize Jesus? They obviously loved Him, believed in Him and were excited to share His message with others.” But then slowly it comes to me. I love Jesus, I believe in Him and I love to tell other people about Jesus and His message. But would I recognize Him walking with me? Or am I too busy doing and rushing about in His name to really see Him interact with me? When given the chance, Jesus spoke directly to these disciples on the road and revealed Himself in the breaking of the bread. This reminds us that it is not enough to love Jesus and want to share His message, but we must spend time with Him. We must give Him space to move in our lives, to reveal Himself to us both in the Mass and in normal activities. For me, that means I must permit myself to stop, to be silent, and to be still. I need to invite Jesus to walk with me, to spend time with me so that I might see Him in all His glory. Sometimes I get caught up in loving others in Jesus’ name that I forget to just love Jesus.


Do you recognize Jesus working in your daily life? How might you increase the space for Jesus to move in your life?


Jesus, open my eyes and help me recognize You as I walk on my journey through life. Ignite the fire within my heart to draw me ever closer to You.
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