Today's Gospel: John 10:1-10 What is it about the image of a lowly shepherd that instills in us a reminder of the love of our Father? A shepherd’s primary duty is to tend to the needs of his flock and vigilantly guard their protection. Throughout scripture, this is the picturesque scene that tells of the wandering in our lives, and the constant guiding hand and voice that leads us. It is our narrative - of a shepherd and gatekeeper who does not passively watch over, but continually seeks after each one of us. Yet, allowing God to lead does not imply that we will not experience difficulties, or that the path will be free of assailants along the way. As this passage illustrates, there are “thieves and robbers” who will climb into our lives looking to steal our joy and lead us astray. These thieves are often the voices of shame, regret, fear and pride that desire not only the ruin of our earthly existence, but to detract us from our forever home with God. For, one day, our time spent grazing, wandering away, and running from God will come to a rest. It is a time that we are to seek, pray and strive towards, and like a child joyfully anticipate. In Christ, "I am convinced that neither death nor life... nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ”. He is both the Shepherd and the door.


Am I allowing God to truly shepherd my life today? What might be robbing me of knowing His love and hearing His voice?


Father, forgive me when I fail to listen to the sound of Your voice, choosing instead to follow my will or the voice of another.
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