Today's Gospel: Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Some days I am consumed by managing our household, and I forget my calling to be a mom. In my need to make sure everyone does their fair share, I forget to be gentle and kind. I am a Pharisee - washing my hands, but not cleansing my heart. I am curt, sarcastic, demanding and impatient. Satan snakes his way into our home. I hurt feelings with unkind words. I build anger with unrealistic demands. I grow resentment by touting my own martyrdom for carrying the load of household tasks. Essentially, I accomplish nothing. How different life looks if I take a moment to cleanse my heart every time I wash my hands. As water washes away dirt and germs, my intentional reflection of the gift of family reminds me that I am called to love. If I take the time to cleanse my heart, my requests for action are reasonable, and my reaction to imperfection is patience and empathy. With humility, I realize that there is more than my agenda at stake when it comes to being Christ to my family. Thoughtfully washing my hands takes no extra time, but builds a life where love lives amidst the chaos of a big family. Washing my hands generates laughter, meaningful conversation, family prayer time, understanding and love. Jesus is there when we fold the laundry, do homework, cook the meals, read books, settle disputes and play games - all because I chose to change the way I wash my hands. This simple act bears a tremendous gift and we are blessed.


How can I change the world by consciously choosing my thoughts while I wash my hands?


Dear Lord, bless me with a clean heart. May my actions speak kindness and love to everyone I meet each day. Wash away my iniquities, and let my hands be an instrument of Your peace in the world. Amen.
Copyright 2018 Lisa Connor Lisa Connor is the mother of five children, ages 9-18 years old. She has been married to her husband Mike for 22 years. She leads a class of second graders through Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and works on enrollment at her parish school to help bring Catholic education to more children. When she's not shuttling kids, cooking large meals or participating in family activities, she can be found reading or gardening. Receive newsletters in your inbox, including the Daily Gospel Reflection each morning! * indicates required
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