Today's Gospel: John 14:27-31A Peace is an elusive dream of mine. I seek it the way some people seek fame or riches. Except, I’ve come to realize, no, I don’t. If I was really looking for peace, if I was serious about peace, wouldn’t I get to Confession more regularly? If I was really serious about peace, wouldn’t I be carving out time first thing with the Guy Who Makes Peace Possible? (Hint: It’s not my favorite novelist.) If I was really peace-seeking, wouldn’t I be measuring and making changes to my life to better accomplish peace…with my kids, with my husband, with my colleagues? Peace isn’t the same as happiness. It doesn’t mean there’s no trouble. It’s not synonymous with “easy” or “quiet” or “light,” no matter what culture may have lead me to believe. “The world must know that I love the Father,” Jesus says in today’s Gospel, and the same is true for me. While everyone else knowing I love God won’t lead to peace, the change it continues to force in me will…and does.


What can you do today to add peace to your life?


Lord, thank You for the many gifts You’ve given me. Please guide me to peace today in whatever form You choose to give it. Amen.
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