Today's Gospel: Mark 16:15-20 - The Ascension of the Lord Christ came to make us a new creation. Transformed not just in spirit but in body, mind and soul. Now that doesn’t sound very earth-shattering for us who have lived in the confines of the Catholic incubator, but let's really dive deep for a minute and reflect on the consequences and ramifications in our lives if today's Gospel passage is taken to heart and not watered down by figurative, tired, 2000-years-later, rationalized thinking. The Lord’s commission here is the very last words He spoke on earth. I don’t think He would have meant them to be considered insignificant. This was His “Braveheart” moment, his final battle cry, the climax of His earthly race, His legacy farewell speech. Imagine this for a moment. And then reread the Gospel, listening to His words, knowing they are meant for you now. What demons are you being asked to drive out? The demons of addiction? Of anger? Of fear? What new languages are you being asked to speak? Your spouses’ love language? The language of hospitality? The language of evangelization? What serpents are you being asked to handle? Do you have difficult situations the Lord is asking you to endure? Personalities that rub you the wrong way? What deadly thing are you being asked to drink? Perhaps it's your pride? Who needs your hands laid upon them? Without cheapening Our Lord’s words, we can take up this great commission and we can allow ourselves to be created anew. Don’t be afraid to think big. Is there a call in your life you have been resisting? Are you bound? Be not afraid. Today is the day he is empowering you to go forth and be the signs in the world of hope and glory.


What one concrete step forward can you make today to live the Great Commission?


Lord, Your word is creative and powerful. By reflecting on this passage, I ask that You bring to light the greatness that You desire me to embrace and share with others.
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