Today's Gospel: John 17:1-11A “Keep them, in thy name…” Those words spoken by Jesus resounded as I meditated on this Gospel. I’m of an age where friends and family are passing from this world, and having a change of address to heaven. Jesus knew He would soon depart this world. Most of the folks I knew who have died, also knew their time was at end, and had a similar prayer for those left behind. To, ‘keep them, holy Father, and guide them in my absence.’ It can be difficult for family and friends of the departed to grieve the loss of their beloved’s physical presence. Those friends of mine, now deceased, had faith; they were grounded in the truth of the Gospels and lacked—well, for the most part—the fear of passing on into new life. One friend had made the comment, which made us both laugh, that he did have some fear—he had never done this before—and like anything new and different, had some concerns. He was both eager for heaven and anxious transitioning. Jesus is made real in this world through us; we try to see through his eyes, to act as if his hands, to follow his way. Our friends and family of faith who have passed on will have taught us this lesson in their living and, if we are fortunate enough, in their “dance with dying”. We are loved beyond this realm, our physical life. We are prayed for by those we can no longer see, to glorify Jesus as we continue to walk this earth.


As we are prayed for to glorify Our Lord, who this day can you pray for to have the same success?


Lord, keep me grounded in the truth of heaven and confident in Your promise.
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