Today's Gospel: Mark 10:17-27 Imagine you have a huge assignment due… you’ve done everything the teacher asked you to, followed the instructions and rules, only to find out that you had been given an “Incomplete” on the assignment that you just KNEW you aced. Don’t you think that is how the “rich man” felt in this Gospel Passage? He is confident as he approaches Our Lord and asks him how to inherit eternal life. The Lord reminds him of all the Commandments, and the man says “I have always lived by the commandments”. The Lord tells him there is one more thing, “sell what you own and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” Deflated, the man walks away. Sigh. I pray the man realized what Jesus meant and followed through so he could join Jesus and the community of believers in Heaven. Jesus said, “For mortals it is impossible, but not for God; for God, all things are possible.” Thank you, Lord. My husband Marque and I are giving people. We really thought we had succeeded in being the right kind of givers – we have done everything we can do to help others. But when we sold our home this year, we realized how much we had that we’d never used. God richly blessed us by putting people and places in our path that we could gift ordonate things to. We have purged things by half. However, recently I realized that God is not just asking us to give up physical things. He is talking about holding on to ANYTHING that will separate us from Him. This could be pain from our past causing lack of forgiveness of others, anger, bitterness and things of that nature. We must clean our hearts, souls and attitudes. I am so thankful that all things are possible through God!


Are you willing to give everything up to follow our Lord into eternity?


Dear Lord, thank You for our faith that guides us. Help us discern what to purge from our lives so that we can be wholly Yours, and not bogged down by things - mental or physical. We want to be with You in Heaven!
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