Today's Gospel: Mark 10:28-31 We currently live in a world where "me first" seems to reign most of the time. Of course there are many exceptions. When the Spirit of Christ is close at hand, miracles happen and the "me first" attitude is not quite as prevalent in given life situations. This Gospel passage today was challenging for the people living in the time of Christ. It is still challenging for us right now. Wherever we are in our lives, whether young, middle aged or old, our needs are constant. We can be hungry, tired, impatient, overly eager and the list goes on. We have needs that make us think we can't go on unless we have what we want at that moment. Our fast-paced technology world makes it even more prominent. Most of us don't have to wait very long because we have our phones that do so much for us. From communication, to driving, food and exercise choices and even good religious apps for prayers, our phones make life easier. Point being, patience is still a virtue for all of us. Even if we are getting used to getting what we want fairly quickly we need God more than ever! What our hearts long for most is communion with God and also with others. Even if we are first in line at Walmart for a big sale or if we are holding the phone we waited a long time for, the desire for happiness will only come from God. Jesus is the answer to all life's issues! Jesus is what we have been waiting in line for. He has been with us all along! As I ponder the words "but many that are first, shall be last; and the last, first" (Mark 10:31), I am reminded that true happiness is with Our Lord. I will admit I love some of the things of this world, like my phone and other fun things. But I know that the virtues of kindness, patience and love are what I need most in my life. Pray along with me on this. I think you will discover the same thing. Our Lord is Who we have been waiting for all of our lives! My prayer for myself and for all is that we can ponder this Gospel and find Jesus waiting for us in this prayer. Even if we are last in line, He will move us to the front. He has all the love we desire!


What is it in life you desire most? Is the love of Christ on that list? He will transform your heart!


Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for the gift of Your words in this Gospel reading. Enlighten our hearts and minds to know that when we exercise the virtues of our faith, we walk to the front of the line only to be greeted by Your everlasting love. Thank You Lord for helping us to live virtue each day! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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