Today's Gospel: Matthew 11:20-24 “Are you paying attention to what I am awakening you to?” This seems to be the question Jesus is passionately asking us. In today’s gospel, “Jesus began to reproach the towns where most of his mighty deeds had been done, since they had not repented.” The Greek word used in the New Testament for repentance is 'metanoia,' which means to change one’s way of life as a result of a complete change of thought and attitude. It’s an invitation to turn in a new direction. We often think of repentance as looking at the past, as turning away from something, but it is also a call to turn towards something new. The other day, I found myself slipping into a state of ingratitude. This happens when I’m tired, over-extended, or trapped in comparing myself to others. It’s as though I fall asleep to the wonder of my own life. This, I’ve learned, is a call for me to stop defining myself by what I do, and turn towards who I am. As Thomas Merton wrote, “Love is my true identity. Love is my name.” Jesus wants me to see that love is who I am, but I keep forgetting, and it is with prayer and humility that I keep turning towards His grace to help me remember. Awakening is always re-awakening.


How is God lovingly inviting you to repent, to turn towards a new way of being in your life?


Holy One, help me to turn towards You when I am slipping away. Keep me watchful, knowing that You will help me.
Copyright 2018 Collette Lafia Colette Lafia is a San Francisco-based spiritual director, workshop and retreat facilitator, and adjunct faculty member at Mercy Center, Burlingame. She is also a part-time elementary school librarian. Colette is the author of Seeking Surrender: How a Trappist Monk Taught Me to Trust and Embrace Life, and Comfort & Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others. Receive newsletters in your inbox, including the Daily Gospel Reflection each morning! * indicates required
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