Today's Gospel: Matthew 12: 14-21 Jesus knew He had enemies. That was not a surprise to Him, but His time had not yet come. His mission was not complete, so Jesus took care of Himself and left the area. In spite of the dangers that He faced, He continued to cure and heal. His love was unconditional, and after an encounter with Jesus, lives were never the same. The Son of God had come to earth to live among His sheep as a humble servant rather than as a victorious leader who would free the Jews from their oppressors. Isaiah, the prophet, had foretold that the Messiah would serve rather than be served. The Messiah would not seek glory for Himself, but He would save the world through gentleness and kindness, a servant to all, a servant of the Father. He would bring hope and justice to the world, including the Gentiles, who were not God’s chosen people. The Messiah would be one of us, leading in quiet service. Jesus was hated by the powerful. He could not be the Messiah. He came from a line of kings, but He was not crowned on earth. Jesus was from Nazareth! The Messiah could not be from such a place. He was an ordinary carpenter. He dined with sinners and outcasts. He forgave sins. He did what the Pharisees could not do. He proved God’s love for His children. Jesus knew the powerful of the world hated Him, and that He would be rejected by those whom He Loved. He chose to walk to the road to Calvary. He gave all He had. The reed was broken, but not destroyed. Heaven came to earth from Love, and we were saved.


Do you see Jesus in everyone you meet?


Lord Jesus, You came as we might not expect, an ordinary man. You were kind and gentle. Help me to see you in everyone and to be kind and gentle. Amen.
Copyright 2018 Mallory Hoffman About the author: Mallory Hoffman is a cradle Catholic, and a retired mom blessed with two amazing adult children. She is a widow, an artist who plays with polymer clay, a writer, and the Daughter of a King. Receive newsletters in your inbox, including the Daily Gospel Reflection each morning! * indicates required
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