Today's Gospel: Matthew 12:46-50 I love to hear Jesus speaking to the people who have come from far and near to listen to him. I imagine myself there seeing and listening. What would it be like to hear that His mother and brothers (cousins) were standing outside? I would be very excited to see them, especially His mother. I know I would strain to see and hear what was going on. I would hear a man telling Jesus that His mother and brothers are standing outside, and I would hear Jesus ask him, “Who are my mother and brothers (cousins)?” We are startled, he and I, at Jesus’ question. I watch closely to see what Jesus is doing next. He extends His hand to His disciples. I wonder what He means by extending His hand towards them. I know He is directing our attention but to what? Then I hear Him say, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister, and mother.” I am speechless and humbled at what I have just heard. He has told us we are His family. We belong to the family of the Incarnate Word if we do the will of His Father. I ask myself, “Can I abandon myself to this truth? Can I suffer the anxiety of my struggle to respond in trust and love to Jesus?”


Do I realize that I am a sister of Jesus, the Son of God? Can I take Jesus at His word and accept the gift?


Lord, help me to realize that I am Your sister. Grant me the grace to accept this unmerited gift and to live in the intimacy of Your family life as Your sister and a daughter of Your Father.
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