Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:18-23 Jesus knew exactly what He was talking about when He shared the parable of the sower. He knew that at one point or another each of us were, the seed sown on the path without understanding, the seed sown on rocky ground, the seed sown among thorns and the seed sown on rich soil. Reading and rereading this Scripture allowed me to reflect back on my life and the circumstances surrounding me as I was the seed sown in different spots. Although we often look back on the past, especially mistakes we wish to forget and hide from the world, this Scripture called me to find the fruit that came from seeds sowed on places that just did not grow. I found that I consciously or unconsciously chose the ground onto which my seed was sown. For so long, I failed to realize the responsibility I had to ensure my seed was sown on rich soil. This gets down to every aspect of my life…what am I doing with my time, who am I spending my time with, what do I read, what do I watch or listen to? Contemplating all of this, I thought back to when I prepared my soil to plant my garden. I started tilling and fertilizing the grown many months before I started planting my seeds. Why? Because I wanted to ensure the soil was rich and would produce a good yield. The same reason I must take as much care with preparing my heart, mind and soul for the bountiful yield God has in store for me.


How can I be more open to hearing and understanding God's word in my life?


Father, help me be rich soil so that I may embrace the seed of Your word and bear Your fruit.
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