Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:44-46 When it comes to shopping, I’m often content to settle. If I’m looking for black slacks but they only have blue in my size, I’ll take them. If the recipe calls for a smoked pork shoulder and all the grocery has is unsmoked, I’ll buy it and figure out how to make the meal work out. If I want make-your-own-size paper towels and only the pre-cut ones are on the shelf, that’s what I put in my cart. For me, it’s usually a waste of time to ferret out the exact item I wanted. I don’t need perfect. God, however, doesn’t settle. He digs deep to find the hidden treasure He knows exists within each of us. And, to win it, He paid an amazing price—the death of His beloved son. Are we worth it? We may not think so at times. We see our imperfections—our impatience, our unkindnesses, our failures to resist temptation. Our flaws can cloud our vision and keep us from seeking a closer relationship with the Lord. But God sees us as pearls in the rough. He loves as we are… and loves it when we seek His help in becoming smoother, shinier, closer to perfection. God is convinced He got a great deal. But it’s nothing compared to the deal we get when we accept what He has planned for us and offer our obedience in return, rather than settling for what’s easy and convenient.


Where are you settling, in a small way or large, for who you are, rather than who God made you to be?


Lord, I offer thanksgiving for the faith You have in me, ill-founded as it seems at times. Please open my soul, heart, and mind to Your love.
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