Today's Gospel: MT 20:1-16 - Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary For our fallen nature, to make comparisons with others is as easy as water flowing downhill, and it can become a dangerous flood. We fall short of our wants: we want to be significant and comfortable and needed, and so we easily see what others have, but often fail to see our own blessings! We naturally compete, but we are made to complete one another. The workers in the parable of the landowner seem to be demanding only fairness. But they are overlooking the truth that they have already received what is fair; they cannot move their hearts past the apparent inequity to acknowledge the truth of the landowner’s exceeding generosity. Their selfward blindness disturbs their own peace and stirs envy in them. But God wants us to remain in peace before Him, humbly acknowledging all that He continually gives us. He never tires of giving and forgiving. Like the landowner of the parable, He welcomes workers at the 11th hour and pours the blessings of the promise over them with equal generosity.


In what areas of my life do I repeatedly feel inadequate or unworthy? How can I shift my mind and heart to recognize my particular giftedness, and put it in service in the Lord’s vineyard?


Lord, when I am tempted to compare my own blessings with those of others, help me to acknowledge my utter contingency and many blessings, and Your great love and generosity toward me.
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