Today's Gospel: MT 22:1-14 Part of being a civilized human is dressing for the occasion. One doesn't wear a swimsuit to a garden party, and jeans are usually in bad taste at a funeral. Dressing appropriately is a sign of respect to your hosts, and to the people around you. How you dress is part of living in a community. And it's a recognition of who you are and for what reason you are in a place at a certain time. The liberal arts college I attended required all students to dress in business casual for all classes. Girls were in skirts, dresses, or slacks, guys in slacks, button-down, and tie. One week each school year, leading up to Homecoming, was "spirit week". Most of the themed days allowed for us to break dress code. But I noticed something each year. On the days when we were all wearing jeans to class or (gasp) sweat pants, the atmosphere in the classroom was palpably different. We were slumped in our chairs, more distracted in our participation, less focused on our professor. What is the wedding garment in Christ's parable, the clothes which are vital to participation in the celebration? If the wedding feast is heaven, our appropriate clothing is the unstained garment of our baptism. It should be spotless - maybe because we've always been neat and tidy with our souls; maybe because we've used the bleach of confession. But we'd better make sure we're wearing it, and it's not in the dirty laundry pile when the Lord calls.


I've been given my wedding garment at baptism. Do I hold to the vows made that day? Do I believe the truth and renounce all evil?


Heavenly Father, You Yourself invited me to the wedding feast and gave me a wedding garment. Help me to answer the call of Your invitation, clothed in holiness.
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