Today's Gospel: Mark 6:17-29 - Memorial of the Passion of Saint John the Baptist There is a great warning in the murkiness and violence surrounding the death of John the Baptist. The life of Herod was filled with the muddiness of sin and worldly attachments, and yet he was attracted by the preaching of John. Glimmers of light, slivers of truth cut into Herod’s inner world of darkness and confusion, but he walked unaware into the trap of one waiting for the kill. How careless we mortals are. We move so often through life as though we have no enemies, dabbling and indulging in all sorts of dangerous excursions. All the time proudly thinking we are safe. Was Herod safe? John waited in prison, prayed in prison, suffered in prison but remained safe. Safe from the lurking, prowling enemy who wishes only eternal death to his prey. John’s world was the humble, pure, clean life of one who had surrendered to God's guidance and received his benedictions. Did John struggle at the end? We do not know. We are not told. We do know that all humans struggle in some way and each chooses. Herod chose murder and death. John chose faithfulness and was born into eternal life.


Do I choose to surrender my life to God’s guidance and protection and humbly trust like John the Baptist that I will be born into eternal life?


Heavenly Father, grant me the grace to trust in Your guidance and protection for me and all those whom I love. Please remind me to pray daily for those who carelessly wander into paths of danger and have no one to pray for their safety from the Evil One.
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