Today's Gospel: Luke 4:38-44 There is so much in the Gospel today! The healing of Peter’s mother-in-law, expelling of demons, more healing of ailments. Jesus continues to show His power and might. In all this grandeur, three things strike me. First, upon being healed, Peter’s mother in law proceeds to serve Jesus and his disciples. You could enter many a joke about our role as women here, but the deeper truth in her actions is this: we are made well to serve others, not for our own gain or good. When Jesus offers us healing, mercy, redemption – it’s not for us to hoard away. It is given to us that we might share it with others in need of what Jesus offers. By serving them, we serve Christ Himself. Second, Jesus doesn’t want a fuss. He has expelled demons, and these demons know Him by name – they knew He was the Messiah! Instead of using big neon signs and megaphones shouting, “Who dis?” He asks for silence. He doesn’t want them shouting about Him to the rafters. Revelation comes in the Father’s time, not by our proclamation and grandstanding. Finally, amid all this hullabaloo, Jesus retreats to pray in silence. Only after this does He remind the people that He doesn’t belong to them alone. He has a much larger purpose than the healing of all their ailments. In silence we are more deeply connected to our purpose and to our creator. We begin to know God’s bigger plan for us, and we gather the strength to say no (which sometimes is harder to say than “yes”) and to move on from places where we have become comfortable and beloved. Solitude with God gives us strength for the mission and stillness in the chaos.


Do we overly enjoy accolades or keep Jesus to ourselves? In honor of the feast day of St. Teresa of Calcutta, take a moment today to serve in some way without recognition.


Lord, we pray today for a heart of humility and service. Grant us the grace of time alone with You that we might hear Your will for us more clearly and have the strength to carry it through. Amen.
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