Today's Gospel: Mark 1:7-11 A dear friend and I have always loved John the Baptist. With his burlap rags, eating locusts and honey, he certainly stood out from the crowd. While you won’t find me indulging in insects any time soon, I know there are days I feel out of place in the world as I try to live my life in obedience to the Gospel message. By the time his cousin Jesus came on the ministerial scene, John already had amassed quite a following. People were drawn to his ascetic life; they were convicted of the message he was proclaiming. Some even wondered if he was the new Moses. Yet, here, John the Baptist shows us that no matter how much we have done, no matter how big our following, no matter how wonderful and how deeply in service to God our work has been, the way of Christ is deeper still. We do what we can, but we direct others to the work of Jesus who transforms our very spirit. It is in Him that we find our mission and calling. We become a child of God through our baptism, and the Holy Spirit molds and shapes our life in Christ. In allowing Jesus to set our hearts on fire, we become more aware of the presence of God in and among us. In opening ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit, we are given what we need to live out our mission to know, love, serve, and bring others to Jesus. While the days may be filled with little voices and loud noises, take a moment to turn toward heaven. Quiet yourself to listen for the voice of God who says to you, “You are my beloved child; with you I am well pleased.”


How do you feel called to share Jesus by your life?


Gracious and loving God, I thank you for the gift of your grace and love. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may know your mission for me and have the courage to lead others to your Son, Jesus. Amen.
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