Today's Gospel: Luke 6:27-38 I was brought up in a home where “even Steven,” was a common phrase. What was my family's measuring stick for giving time, talent or treasure to another? "What did they give you?”, or “What did they do for you?” In my home generosity was taught in a worldly way: “Love one another back in the way they love you!” I wonder if you were as surprised as I was when you read Luke 6 for the first time. If your response was, "Who does this?!” you are not alone. Sadly, so few do! I'll never forget the day when I decided to take this scripture to heart, beginning with Luke 6:27. God gave me plenty of opportunities. Was it hard? It was nearly impossible. People rolled their eyes at me; I was judged, misunderstood and persecuted. The more I practiced loving, blessing, and praying for those who hated me the easier it got. Has anyone ever had a two-year-old who was a tad on the rebellious side? You say to your child, "Be kind to your friend!” The response: "You can't make me!" A mom has ways of teaching obedience to her offspring, even when their human nature is showing. Your pint-sized person knows who is in charge as you voice, “I'm the mom.” Parents are called by God to train up a child. Adults are another story: you can't make them! Even though God is in charge, He never will make you obey. As a loving Father, He has given all the freedom to choose. When you embark on the path of holiness, do not be surprised if you take the journey with Jesus alone. In this world it is an alternative route; it is the harder path. Along the way God will change you within and even you will be surprised.


Will you choose to live in obedience to God even when it is difficult? How can you extend the love of Christ to those who persecute you?


Dear Jesus, it is difficult to love people who do not treat me right. You were hated, persecuted, and misunderstood, yet You loved all. Help me to follow You!
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