Today's Gospel: Luke 12:1-7 - Saints John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, and Companions It’s a favorite, we-are-Catholic-geeks conversation for a good friend and me: Is it harder to die for Christ or to live for Christ? I offer up examples like St. Agnes Tsao Kou Ying, who died three days after being placed in a cage that was too small to sit. Karen gives examples like Dorothy Day, arrested, jailed, and shunned on numerous occasions for her social justice activism. We always end up agreeing that neither is easy, and being grateful that the two of us aren’t called to defend the faith in such challenging situations. Except, of course, every one of us is called to defend the faith every day. The threats are seldom physical, but they’re as real as standing in that cage was to Agnes Tsao Kou Ying or jail was to Dorothy Day: Do we speak up when family members, friends, and coworkers make pronouncements counter to Church teachings on abortion, immigration and other social issues? Do we turn away from the beggar we see every day, failing to offer not even so much as a smile? Do we phone in our Mass attendance, reading the bulletin during the homily and composing our grocery list during the consecration? Failing to act in any of those cases doesn’t appear to be a life-or-death matter. But when we value the opinions of others, our comfort, and our priorities more than the Lord’s, we give more and more space in our souls to the enemy, who is happy to take his time killing the good in us. Let’s stop him before he gains another inch.


How can you say no to the evil one and yes to the Lord in a challenging conversation today? Keep the volume low; let God guide your words and tone.


Lord, be my spiritual armor. Gird my loins and raise my shield, that I might defend you in all my words and actions today.
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