Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:17-22 - St. Stephen Today’s Gospel, falling the day after Christmas, is jarring. Christmas is hopefully a day spent with family and friends in a loving and joyous celebration of the Incarnation. Today we read of family members reporting on one another and handing over their own flesh and blood to be tried and even executed. Why are they being handed over? Because they stand with Jesus, and that is too much for some. This Gospel is an opportunity for us to examine our life. If such a time came, would our life cause us to be handed over for trial or would we get a pass? Does our behavior, our words, identify us as a Christian? Opportunities arise all the time to be identified as a Christian; at work, at school, and even at home. Do we join in gossip? Do we use foul language? Do we demonstrate care and concern for those around us? Are we honest in all our dealings? The Holy Spirit will indeed give us the words to answer any accusers we may have, we only need to ask for His guidance. But at times, His guidance may also tell us to back away from what is happening and not to be afraid of being seen as backing away. If asked why you should make it clear that you try to not participate in such things. Don’t fear being called a “wet blanket.” Don’t hide from the reputation of being “uncool” in worldly behaviors. Being Christian means and always has meant being counter-cultural.


Do my words and actions declare to others that I belong to Jesus? What can I do to more become the person that God intended me to be?


Holy Spirit, guide me with Your wisdom so that my words and deeds declare Your truth to all I meet. Amen!
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