Today's Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12 - The Epiphany of the Lord Every year the feast of the Epiphany is a day to celebrate man’s powerful need to connect to God. It is a need which drives us to question, search, and seek out truth. After the wisemen have devoted years to study, they venture into the unknown, following a star of all things, into a foreign land, driven by an innate spiritual hunger. These men are a fascinating enigma. Even though the chosen people would have called them heathens, they are open and sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit of God. They have enough humility to prostrate themselves and actually worship an impoverished human newborn in the confines of a stable full of animals and surely the smell of manure. It is not within their spiritual tradition to worship a human, never mind an infant, yet their minds are open enough to acknowledge that this rogue star, which has settled over a stable, signifies an event of cosmic significance. Their hearts and souls are open enough to sense the presence of the Divine in a mortal baby. In comparison to these ancient ‘heathens,’ we do not fare that well. Could we conceivably envision ourselves leaving all that is safe and comfortable to trek across a barren desert in search of the elusive Truth? Would we be willing to embrace the incredible without question? Most importantly, would we be willing to worship a newborn as the Creator of the Universe, disguised as a tiny, swaddled bundle of helplessness, without the benefit of teaching and tradition?


Am I humble enough to even recognize the Divine in unusual places?


O Lord, open my heart so I can listen to the whispers of Holy Spirit within my soul. I want to be surprised by the joy of fresh revelations from You because You always yearn to teach me more.
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