Today's Gospel: Mark 2:13-17 During his time of ministry, Jesus encountered many people who didn’t understand Him. Today’s reading is no exception. The Pharisees were so offended that Jesus was eating with the unscrupulous tax collectors that they confronted him. As usual He delivers an epic response. “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” This short answer really sums up His ministry. He came to forgive sins, heal us, and call us to be disciples as well. So, if we are called to be disciples and be like Him then that passage suddenly has another meaning. Are we supposed to reach out to sinners as well? The sick and poor is one thing, but sinners? Does that thought make anyone else a little uncomfortable? But if I look at what Jesus was actually doing, sharing a meal with the tax collectors and having a conversation, then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. As I was contemplating this passage it suddenly hit me who in my life is making bad decisions and heading down a dangerous path. But how do I say something? It’s so much easier to remember this person in my prayers and not speak up. But if we are to be like Christ, that’s probably not the right move. Besides the fact that I have no idea how to start the kind of discussion that is probably needed, I certainly don’t want to push this person further away. However, I can be like Jesus and lovingly reach out. I can invite this person over and share a meal. I may not know what to say but I can pray that the Holy Spirit will guide my words and that this person will know that they are loved.


Reaching out to people in need is such a wonderful example to show our children. Together can you think of someone who could use a friendly face today?


Dear Lord, is there someone You are calling me to reach out to? Please give me the strength and the words to let this person know they are loved.
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