Today's Gospel: John 2:1-11 - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time "Do whatever he tells you." Jesus’s first miracle: changing water into wine at the wedding in Cana. Oh, the rich symbolism here! Mary, the first disciple, showing us the fruit of her womb, Jesus. A wedding — the celebration of a covenant union, a creative union. Jesus, the bridegroom, serving the Church (us), His bride. The miracle, revealed to the least of the servants. Waters of baptism. The foreshadowing of redemptive Eucharistic wine. So much upon which to reflect. And yet, my mind comes back to "Do whatever he tells you." A man I know responded to those words by discerning the diaconate. A woman I know saw a homeless man on a park bench and went to buy him a sandwich; when she returned, he was gone — but she, haunted by the encounter, established a much-needed food pantry. Another young man discerned the Jesuit path toward priesthood. Yet another woman founded a ministry of clothing distribution. Some people pray at a local abortion clinic; others use nursing skills to perform ultrasounds at a pro-life facility. Still others support the local St. Elizabeth’s home for unwed mothers. A semi-homebound woman creates welcome cards (that are works of art) for new parishioners. Another woman, retired, devotes her days to helping those who are homebound. Men and women toil to raise children in their first church community: the home. A dedicated few provide formal catechesis. Musicians sing and play and lead us in the prayer of our hearts. A need, identified. A call, heeded. A talent, developed and used. A passion, focused and honed. Each person, doing what He told them to do. Listen. What is He telling you to do?


Can I find the silence to hear what Jesus is asking me to do?


Lord, please show me the water You would turn into wine through my life. Open my ears to Your words, so that I know what You are asking me to do.
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