Today's Gospel: Mark 2:23-28 - Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children Sometimes when I read these stories it feels like the Pharisees are like ninjas - lurking, ready to swoop in and pounce on Jesus and His disciples. I mean, they were just walking through a field, grabbing a piece of grain and next thing you know - BAM there’s a Pharisee, calling them out. I imagine Jesus was like, “C’mon! Do you guys not have anything better to do?” They’re like Ninja Pharisees. Do you have a relationship with somebody who jumps on you for nothing or who is quick to point out your mistakes? Or, be honest, do you do this? Sometimes we Ninja-Pharisee (Yep. I just turned it into a verb) the people we are closest to, and who tend to get on our nerves - our spouse or parent. Other times we do it to people we feel threatened by, like a coworker. And geez, you know it’s happening all over the internet. No one likes to feel like they have to walk on eggshells or watch every word they say so they’re not called out. It’s not healthy and it’s not a good way to build up a relationship. So let’s take time today to pray that God will show us if we are Ninja-Pharisee-ing and how to use more constructive words, or maybe hold our words all together.


Is there anyone who might have a hard time being him or herself around you out of fear of over-criticism?


Father, help us to see others the way You do, with eyes of love and mercy. Please show us how to use our words to build one another up.
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