Today's Gospel: John 3:7b-15 The other day my five-year-old asked how the wind blows. Uh… I don't do science. I can take a very rudimentary stab at explaining things that occur in nature, like plant life and precipitation, but this time I was at a loss. Maybe this is why Jesus used the wind to explain the movement of the Spirit to Nicodemus; It's beyond our understanding, but still very real. Fun fact: the Greek text actually uses the same word for "wind" & "spirit." I wonder if the first person to fly a kite was actually trying to do that, or were they making some other toy on a windy day and it slipped out of their hand and into the sky? Who was the first photographer to capture the beautiful moment when a bride let go of her veil on her windy wedding day and let it blow behind her? I can’t tell the wind where to go. I can’t describe how it is generated. I can’t see it. But I know I’ve seen the wonder and beauty it creates. I hope you are willing to let go and feel the movement of the Spirit in your life. Something beautiful will happen. I promise.


How do you explain the movement of the Holy Spirit?


Holy Spirit, fall upon us today. Help us to feel Your presence and respond to Your promptings.
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