Today's Gospel: Mark 6:1-6 - St. Paul Miki & Companions Oh my, I feel that any parent might be able to identify pretty easily with Jesus’ rejection by those who’d known him the longest. Our own kids or families are too close to sometimes really “see” or appreciate our gifts we readily share with them day in and day out. Or at least that is how I feel many times. It is so easy to get discouraged or doubt my value to the family when I don’t feel appreciated or understood. But Jesus’ rejection in Mark reminds me that we must keep our eyes open to those outside of our immediate circle. Our friends, our kids’ friends, our coworkers, teachers, students, neighbors, the clerk at the grocery store, truly anyone we encounter, sees us minister, lead, and nurture our families. They watch us love and serve when we don’t even realize it. Even though we might not feel as close to them, we cannot underestimate the influence and value we might offer to those outside our immediate family just by living our lives as Christians. Strangers flocked to Jesus because he told them about love and offered hope in eternal life with the Father. We have the power to be a Christian witness to friends, acquaintances and strangers alike through the use of our unique gifts.


Do I recognize my value as a Christian witness to friends and strangers I encounter on a daily basis?


Lord, do not let me be discouraged by those closest to me. Help me to be a witness for Your love to those I encounter in my daily life.
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