Today's Gospel: Mark 9:14-29 Today’s Gospel has so many things going on! We see Jesus exasperated with the lack of faith exhibited by His disciples and the people who have been following and not only listening to Him but witnessing miracles. He encounters an angry scene because the disciples have been unable to heal a young boy possessed by demons. This gospel never fails to move me – how many times did I respond with exasperation to my children when, after assuring them of something, they still couldn’t believe I was going to follow through with a promised treat or activity. I think of that whenever I hear this gospel. It reminds me that I, too, have often failed to believe. Nevertheless, I am heartened by the father in the story. He wants his son healed, but he can’t bring himself to completely believe that Jesus will heal the boy. Perhaps he is afraid of disappointment, that Jesus won’t or can’t heal the boy. I admit, this could be a scene out of my own life. The exchange between the father and Jesus makes me laugh a little. Can you imagine Jesus responding, “IF I can?” Perhaps a believer would have said, “If it is your will.” But it is the father’s response that teaches me how to pray through those moments when I hesitate, plagued with insecurity, “I do believe; help my unbelief!” Help my unbelief! What a genuine, earnest appeal for the grace of faith.


Have you ever found yourself in a position like the father? How did you handle your unbelief?


Lord, help my unbelief! Please give me the grace of a deeper faith.
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