Today's Gospel: Mark 10:28-31 Raising children in the present age has made me acutely aware of how difficult it is for modern man to be patient. My nine year old is ever cautious against the impending threats of boredom. A quick run to the grocery store is met with a barrage of anxious inquiries. “How long is the drive?” “Can I use your phone in the car?” “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?” Now, some of this is an unfortunate commentary on my parenting failures, to be sure. But moms are only human, too. I am often astounded by his exasperation at being asked to just sit and do nothing for a few minutes. Look out the window and dream. Our age especially is the age of convenience and instant gratification. Waiting for the fruits of our labors is a foreign concept. However, today’s gospel reading urges us to do just that. It is easy to hear Peter’s plea in my son’s voice, and if I am being honest, in my own voice. “I have done what you’ve asked, Lord. Why have I seen such little reward?” My head knows that my reward for a holy life is not in this world, but the next. But my heart still struggles in the waiting. As we find ourselves here in the twilight before Lent, we are gifted with the beautiful opportunity to fine-tune our virtues. Lent is the boot camp where we practice denying ourselves so we can detach from the temporal pleasures of this world and learn instead to yearn for the reward of Heaven.


In what ways do your Lenten resolutions encourage your desire for the eternal reward?


Lord, by Your grace, give me the strength and the patience to not trade my eternal reward for temporal rewards.
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