Today's Gospel: Luke 4:1-13 - 1st Sunday of Lent Happy Lent! Yes, I do mean happy! We enter once again into this remarkable season of Lent. Every year we are given this incredible gift to renew ourselves in faith, hope, and love. Lent is the perfect time to grab hold of the grace of the season and strengthen our resolve to become saints. Yes, you can become a saint. God has made us all for holiness and sainthood. We are all made to be with Him in heaven forever - which is basically the very definition of being a saint: a person who has died and now lives in eternity with God in heaven. The good news? God never asked the impossible, nor does He ever set us up to fail. In fact, in today's readings, He gives us the very blueprint to reach this lofty (pun intended) goal. We can reach sainthood by practicing almsgiving, fasting, and prayer, and not just during Lent but every day. Lent provides us an opportunity to remember these saint-making opportunities and refocus our energies to participate regularly in them. During Lent, in addition to reminding us of the amazing tools available for growing in holiness, there is also an outpouring of graces to help us to complete each task. You would not give your child the chore of vacuuming the living room then hand them a lawnmower or a rock? If we, sweet flawed parents, know how to give good gifts (and the proper tools) to our children then how much more can we count on God to provide everything we need to accomplish what we are called to do or become (Matthew 7:9-11)? Perfect gifts. Charity softens our hearts to be loved. Fasting prepares us to allow God to sustain and strengthen us. Prayer opens communication between us and God.


In what ways will I participate in almsgiving, prayer, and fasting this Lenten season?


Every good and perfect gift comes from You, my Lord and my God. May I recognize Your gifts in my own life, and use this grace-filled season of Lent to better receive, open, and use them to grow in holiness.
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