Today's Gospel: Luke 16:19-31 Jesus was continually confronted by the Pharisees regarding His messages of truth. Oftentimes He would use parables to communicate his messages. Those who desired to know would not rest until they found the meaning in what He was saying, still others derided Him. The Pharisees in particular used deception and subterfuge to trick Him; yet He dealt with them with wisdom and truth. Using parables was one way to reach them, hoping they would develop a level of understanding. In the story of the rich man, Jesus is trying to call our attention to the fact that we are all our brother’s keeper. It is like having a small child that a parent loves so much that he tries to teach children not to step into the road in front of the cars driving by, because they could be killed. Jesus loves us enough to try and warn us of the dangers we could face in eternal life if we do not heed His words.


Do I believe in the reality of hell, purgatory, and heaven? Do I allow that knowledge to draw me closer to Christ?


Jesus, help us be just as concerned about the needs of those around us as we are with our own. I am reminded of the commandment You gave us: love one another as we love ourselves. This is our gateway to Your kingdom.
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