Reflection by Ann Rock Today's Gospel: Matthew 5:17-19 My first impression of this passage is that it seems Jesus is a bit stern. Perhaps people have been pestering Him with questions. It seems they are trying to understand the place of the Mosaic Law in Jesus’ mission. Jesus says “I have not come to a abolish the law but to fulfill it.” Well that leads me to ask questions since we, as Christians, don’t observe the Mosaic law. Jesus gives a clue by saying the Mosaic Law will remain until heaven and Earth pass away. He seems to be foreshadowing His death and resurrection, which brings about the new covenant, a new heaven and Earth. There is much discussion in subsequent scripture (particularly St Paul) about the role of the Mosaic Law in Christian life. The issue was settled at the first council of the Catholic Church, the Council of Jerusalem. It is eventually clear that we don’t have to observe the Mosaic Law as we are under the new covenant, the law of love. If you read the next few verses in Matthew you’ll see what that Law is. Jesus goes on to admonish those who teach the faith. He reminds us that “whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.” This is an awesome responsibility. We, as parents, should pay particularly close attention to this warning as we are the first teachers of faith to our children. While this may seem overwhelming, God does not leave us on our own in this task. In His infinite kindness and mercy, the good Lord sent the Holy Spirit to help us. All we need do is ask.


Do I actively live and teach my faith with the guidance of the Holy Spirit?


Dear Lord, thank You for the Holy Spirit, Who is my helper. I pray that I act with the power of the Holy Spirit, especially when imparting my faith to others.
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