Today's Gospel: John 4:43-54 "The man believed what Jesus said to him and left." Oh, the faith of these gospel characters. What gave this royal official so much confidence? Was it Jesus' words? His facial expression? His tone of voice? This man had only the hearsay evidence of a few years of Christ's ministry, and in a single meeting with Jesus his faith in the Lord is made absolutely unshakeable. What must those hours have been like on the way back to his family? If it was me, I'd be second-guessing the entire affair. "Did he really mean it? Will my son be saved? Should I have stayed longer, or persuaded Him to come with me? What will my family say if I come back alone and my son has died?" Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that this faithful royal official tamped down those thoughts and clung to the memory of Christ's words and the love that must have been readily apparent on Christ's face. I have two thousand years' worth of evidence of Christ's power. I have the testimony of countless saints. I have two millenia of Scripture scholarship and development of doctrine to fall back on. Not only that, I have the opportunity to receive the Lord of all creation into my own body, every day! And yet...I have trouble even believing that Christ is with me today, much less that He will answer my prayers. I need a good dose of the faith of this first-century man.


How can I cultivate a radical faith and openness to Christ's love today?


Holy Spirit, increase my faith. Help me to bring my prayers to You confidently, and then turn back to my daily duties convicted that You will care for me.
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