Today's Gospel: John 3:16-21 We believe, therefore we are saved. This is one of the two promises in today's Gospel. But, believing is not enough. As John stated, “those who believe in Him may not perish, but may have life everlasting.” We are not guaranteed salvation solely by believing in Jesus. We must be the light shining Jesus's message every single day to others so they too can believe and they too can be saved. We must do 'the truth', the right thing, every single moment of our lives and allow God to work through us. We must become a light shining so bright others see God through us. The second promise God made to us in this Gospel is that Jesus did not come into this world to condemn us. I don't know about others, but knowing God sent His son to save me, and not condemn me, is life-changing. Life is hard and often overwhelming. Knowing Jesus is lighting the path forward without condemnation eases the heaviest of burdens. We are invited to salvation and we are not condemned. Both realities go hand in hand and should be the focus of our life. Neither alone can take away all the pain, burden, or sorrow we experience, but knowing and believing in them does make moving forward easier. Never forget Our Lord also suffered loss, internalized the pain of others and carried the heaviest of burdens – our sins. Salvation, not condemnation is the promise of today’s Gospel. Salvation, not condemnation are the guideposts needed to live our lives as true children of God.


Jesus came not to condemn us, yet how often do we condemn others? Does condemning others make me feel more important?


Lord, help to be like you and not condemn others. Make me worthy of Your salvation. Amen
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