Today's Gospel: John 15:26—16:4a Before Jesus ascends into Heaven, He promises the Apostles that the Spirit of Truth will come to them. He promises that they will testify in His name, and the Spirit will help them know what to do and say. But Jesus also warns the Apostles that their message will be rejected by most people. He tells them all of this, not to discourage them, but to help them through it all. If Jesus knows that His love will be rejected by so many people, but He chooses to give it anyway, the Apostles must trust in Him and know that they won’t be able to convert 100% of the people. And how can we, in this day and age, expect any more than this? Our job as Christians is to plant seeds, just like Saint Paul. When he preached to Lydia’s town, Lydia alone asked him to come to her home and baptize her entire family. Even though it seems that Paul failed in that town – only one family converted! – he had planted seeds. Lydia accepted the Truth, accepted Jesus’ love. And I have no doubt that she and her family were the ones who tended the seeds planted by Saint Paul. Each of us has accepted Jesus’ love, as well. And every time we go into the world and act on that love (in big and small ways), we plant seeds. And every time we live out our calling as Christians, we tend the seeds that someone else planted long ago. We need to remember that our duty is to love, not necessarily to see our success. That might come much farther down the road.


How do I help plant and tend the seeds of faith in others?


Holy Spirit, guide my actions this day so that I encourage the faith of others to grow. Keep me humble enough to know I may not see the results, but to trust in You that You will bring them.
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