Today's Gospel: John 16:5-11 But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. John 15:7 I resisted going back to work with all my might. I couldn't move past the enormous loss of time I'd have with my kids. Who was going to help them with their homework? Who was going to pick them up from after-school activities? Who was going to ensure they were doing what was expected of them? But certain circumstances are beyond our control. So off I went to a new job. My husband and I coordinated who would do what, and I left laminated lists of instructions for my kids to follow when they got off the bus each day. By no means was it a smooth transition. My kids did not do everything they were supposed to. But after a very rocky period, and a family meeting to address the issues, my kids realized I wasn't there anymore to pick up the pieces. They had to step it up and take responsibility for things, mature, and grow. The results were amazing! Jesus knew that in order for His disciples to mature and grow in their faith, He had to leave too. His work of teaching and loving them was finished. Their foundation was strong, and ready to be built upon by them. He also knew that if He didn't go, the Holy Spirit wouldn't come to them. It was the Holy Spirit who was going to infuse them, from the inside out, with knowledge, wisdom, courage, etc. The disciples needed to be equipped with these gifts in order to go out on their own and proclaim the Good News. The results were beyond amazing! When life is easy, we may sail along smoothly, but we don't grow and step up. It's only when adversity or loss enter the picture that we realize God always equips us with the gifts we need to rise to the occasion, and be better for it.


When adversity or loss come my way, do I give in to the devastation? Or do I recognize God equipping me with what I need to face it?


Father of all gifts, help me to see that not only do You equip me with what I need in the face of adversity, but wondrous growth happens within me in the process.
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