Today's Gospel: John 16:12-15 How often do you pray to the Holy Spirit? I love that inside of this passage, Jesus invites us to learn more about the Holy Spirit as an ambassador of truth. Truth is such a tricky topic in today’s confused culture. We hear people who assert that their opinions are “their truth” and it’s OK if “your truth” doesn’t match up to theirs. Your truth is your truth, after all. But there isn’t your truth, my truth, and other people’s truths. There is one truth. The truth. Many in today’s world do not believe that there is any absolute, knowable truth at all. They do not believe in an absolute understanding of right and wrong. But ignoring or denying the truth cannot change what is written on our hearts. There is a truth. Jesus tells us that He himself is the way, the truth, and the life, and in today’s reading He affirms that the Holy Spirit will come to guide us in truth. And yet do we always speak the truth and seek the truth? Or do we sometimes hide the facts of our faith and truths upon which it is founded, out of fear of “offending” someone or not fitting in? Do you ever hide from the truth yourself because you fear admitting your weakness and failures? There is a saying inside of some 12-step programs: You are only as sick as your secrets. I really believe that is true. If you are hiding or covering up the ways that you are wounded and lacking, if you are hiding your true identity as a child of God, you are making yourself sick and keeping yourself sick. You are frustrating the plans God has for the greatness you might find in opening up your heart, praying to the Holy Spirit, and facing the truth about who you are and what God has made you for. Don’t hide from the truth. Pray to see clearly and respond to God’s call.


How can I grow in my understanding of the truth about who I am and what God made me for?


Come Holy Spirit, open my eyes and teach me to see, love, and seek the truth. Help me to know right from wrong, and see ever more clearly God's will in my life.
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